Interim management

Value added

Teamwork that give results

We join your company for a limited period of time with the objective of covering a temporary absence, managing a crisis, a project, a strategy or a change.

We are flexible and we adapt to specific projects or projects that require a long-term functional change. Therefore, we can improve the performance of a machine or increase the functions of the company. We take the relevant responsibilities or value investing in the company.

After a preliminary evaluation of the project scope, we perform a detailed analysis of the situation to reach a diagnosis. During this phase, it is usual to detect some problems that go unnoticed by the company. Once the entrepreneur and interim manager agree on the diagnosis, we work together defining the specific action proposal. To reach this goal, we draw up an operational action plan and we quantify objectives.

During this phase, Interim is fully integrated into the day-to-day business operations of the company, as one more employee, and it assumes responsibility for the execution of the action plans. We analyze problems, improvements and possible changes, based on the organization’s data. In the same way, we design the project with the objective of improving quality, production and costs, without forgetting the motivation of all employees

We define measurable objectives with the people who form the organization so we make understand company’s employees the conclusion we reach after the diagnosis and why decisions have been made. Bringing employees onboard when making decisions about the company’s future helps strengthen your relationship with each employee. In the same process, we motivate them to be involved in the process of change.

In the final phase, where Interim exits from the company, there is a transfer of responsibilities Interim manager to the executive management team. If the whole process is carried out successfully, Interim manager will have collaborated in the training of the executive management team.

Interim Management Objective –

Our experience as a tool for change