About us

SEINI is a young company with a great experience in the industrial business management.

We are a leading consultancy that provides solutions to industrial companies focused on production and exploitation of raw materials. We take care of the whole process that companies need to make them more profitable or to helping them to relaunch. In order to reach this goal we use our own experience, we contact our best professionals and we are at the forefront of new technologies and methodologies.

We keep growing in the industrial areas where we have already huge experience:

  • Automotive: OEM, suppliers.
  • Engineering: machine building, infrastructure technology.
  • Renewable energy: wind, photovoltaic, distribution.
  • Process industries: chemical, pharmaceutical, cement, raw material.
  • Food: processing and packaging, canning, cold food.
Our actions
Great Experience
We are technicians with business mentality, dedicated to improve results or relaunch companies.
We Achieve Results
We work together with employees and investors to achieve measurable and sustainable results.
We motivate
We coach and motivate employees so we can create sustainable business success.
Support and investment
We cover the whole process, from the support of specific problems in business management to investment.
Our objectives –

We are always ahead

  • Established in 2017.
  • Spin off of a multinational consultancy.
  • A large experience on improvement projects, restructuring, Interim Management and business relaunch.
  • Two CEOs, with 25 years of experience as high level consultants and managers.
  • Wide network of partners, collaborators and employees.
  • Representative in Europe, North America, Central America and South America.
  • International Consulting. We work worldwide depending on our customers need.
  • Our worlwide representatives including Europe and America take us an advantage respect other companies, allowing us making more efficient and quick support.
  • We have many personal references with multinationals and medium-sized enterprises.
  • In order to give maximum benefit, we design all projects individually based on the size and structure of each company.
Our team

Our team of experts

Hendrik Gewald

We strive to start your business to work for your benefit in order to notice the outcomes.

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Cristóbal Saez

We look for new and creative ways to market your product and connect with customers.

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