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Welcome to Seini

Consulting, Interim Management, Business Relaunch and Investment.

Seini is a business process management consulting company specialized in the management of the automotive, engineering, renewable energy, food, process industries and other sectors closely related to production and raw materials exploitation.

Consulting and business management

We focus on supporting companies to obtain maximum benefit and to ensure the sustainability of the results.


We join your company for a period of time with the objective to cover a temporary absence, manage a crisis, a project, a strategy or a change.

Relaunch and

To recover from a potential or actual crisis situation, by determine short-term solutions and prepare an action plan in order to solve it.

Results statistics


We are a leading consultancy focused on industrial companies with production and exploitation of raw materials. We cover from the support of specific problems in business management to investment. We are at the forefront of new technologies and methodologies.
What distinguishes us?
Great Experience
We are technicians with business mentality, focused on bussiness improving results and relaunching companies.
We Achieve Results
We work together with employees and investors to achieve measurable and sustainable results.
We Motivate
We encourage motivation and professional development of employees to create future business success.
Our main goal –

Create a company with bussiness ambition, even better. Greater results and motivated employees.