Business relaunch


When a company faces a crisis, we make the key decisions to recover the control. At the same time, we plan and diversify actions as a strategy for the future to solve the problem permanently. A good strategic planning is the key to set an organisation in any particular direction and achieve a company’s long-term sustainability.

Our business relaunch projects follow a clearly defined procedure.

Current situation and classification of the company

  • Financial and operational indicators
  • Factory performance
  • Product positioning in the current and future market
  • Classification in categories

Definition of options depending on the business model

  • Viability of products in the market
  • Plan assets and employee stock options
  • Investors search
  • Preparing a management plan

Decision support of the choosed options

  • Final business model definition
  • Definition of the partnership business structure
  • Investors’ selection
  • Manager assignment

Decision implementation in the project

  • Own or foreign investment
  • Business funding
  • Business model execution
  • The integration of appropriate managers will ensure the success of the business model
We propose Strategies for Successful Project Management –

Business relaunch objective